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Michigan Elder Law

As you age, you may be confronted with a number of difficult decisions regarding how to meet your family’s caregiving needs while maintaining the lifestyle that you worked so hard to create. Making sure that you have a plan in place in the event that you or a loved one require long-term care is crucial to protecting your assets from the cost of nursing home care. Michigan Justice has an experienced Michigan Elder Law Lawyer who can personally craft a plan for you to meet your needs.

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What is Elder Law in Michigan?

Elder Law is a complicated area of practice that involves a number of different considerations such as estate planning, public benefits, and long-term care needs. Our goal at Michigan Justice is to develop a comprehensive plan that allows for flexibility in your estate plan and provides protection for your assets should you require in-home or nursing home care. It is important to develop a relationship with an experienced elder law attorney in order to ensure that you are not doing anything with your assets that could potentially impact your ability to qualify for assistance. Below are examples of things that could impact your Medicaid Qualification:

Michigan Elder Law

Michigan Long-Term Care Cost

Did you know the average monthly cost of nursing home care is approximately $8,608!? This is an annual cost of over $100,000. You may be thinking you would never consider placing your loved one in a nursing home, but did you know that in-home care is also incredibly expensive? The average monthly cost for a home health aide $4,099 per month. This is an annual cost of almost $50,000.   The average hard-working adult would quickly deplete their life savings in order to shoulder the burden of such a cost. It is important to meet with an experienced elder law attorney to discuss your options and ensure that you have a plan in place should the need for nursing home care arise.

The good news? Elder Law Firm – Michigan Justice has the experience to help you craft a plan for your future to help you pay for long-term care as well as qualify you for assistance from Medicaid or the VA whether you need for these services is immediately or will need them in the future.

Michigan Justice has the experience to help you craft a plan for your future.

Planning for the expected and unexpected can be daunting. If anyone has an understanding of the importance of having an estate plan, it’s Michigan Justice.  The practice focuses on estate planning, business planning, elder law, special needs planning, and settlement planning.

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